Optical shop: the personalized shopper to enhance the moment of purchase

30 July 2019

The shoppers are an excellent marketing tool, a valid solution to enhance the moment of purchase: they transmit a greater care towards the customer, communicate the values ​​of your optical shop and, being reusable, they are a source of free and constant advertising during the time.

In order to achieve these objectives, it is important to rely on the right supplier who, thanks to his experience, can advise you on the best product and propose you design solutions with attention to the smallest details.

Fedon customizable shopping bags

Fedon offers shopping bags in TNT (a very comfortable synthetic material to the touch) that can be customized with your logo or image on all sides, even on the inside. Available in 3 sizes, Fedon shoppers are waterproof and can be folded without getting damaged, two features that make them extremely practical and versatile, ideal even on the beach or in the pool!

The customization can also involve other accessories, such as eyeglass cases and microfibre cloths for lens cleaning, to offer your client a complete and coordinated set.

If your optical shop does not already have a defined brand image, don’t worry: Fedon's graphic design department is at your disposal to create unique and captivating accessories. Each customization will be specifically designed to meet your needs and express the essence of your store, thanks to the use of various printing techniques including screen printing, pad printing and four-color printing.


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