Production around the world

Over time the Fedon Group has built up a solid international presence.
Today it owns three main production sites: Italy (Belluno), Romania (Lugoj), China (Shenzhen).

The advantages of a global presence

We satisfy the production needs of our customers wherever they are thanks to the strategic position of our production areas.

Fast, efficient and sustainable: we produce and ship in the area close to the customer's needs, reducing transport costs, both economic and environmental, as well as the delivery times of the goods.


The materials used in each production site comply with primary international regulations. The connection with the Italian headquarters remains strong at every stage of the production process.

Fedon employees working in foreign offices are in constant contact with Italy and contribute to spreading those same professional values of tradition and innovation that have always distinguished the entire group.


Our responsibility also manifests itself through the verification of standards and the quality of our products and processes.


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