Accessories for eyeglass manufacturers

From the brief to the finished product, we create eyeglass cases and accessories for the most prestigious Eyewear Brands.

The study of the Brief

All begins with the study of the Brief by the Fedon style office and technical office. The Brand analysis is a fundamental step before starting the real project, to identify the best style, shape and mood to represent its values.

Design & materials choice

The company has a design office in China and Italy, in its headquarters in the heart of the Belluno Dolomites. Designers work together with the sales on a first check of a product that meets the customer's needs.

Each project requires a careful choice of the materials. The role of the material is crucial both for the aesthetic and functionality of the model. Fedon is constantly looking for new ideas and combinations to offer clients creative solutions always one step ahead of market trends.

Today it is important that materials have a sustainable value and a story that tells of environmental protection and reduction of consumption. We study eyeglass cases not only in materials but also in shapes, to have a reduced environmental impact even during transport.

Today we can offer our clients a range of over 100 sustainable materials that transmit beauty and quality together with respect for nature.

Prototyping - the "number one"

During the prototyping phase, brief, shapes and materials give life to the “number one”, the first prototype, as unique and inimitable as the brand it represents. The creation of the sample by the style office is one of the most important moments because it is when the customer can finally touch the project firsthand.

Pre-series & Industrialization

The first sample is followed by the pre-series phase, necessary for the final agreement of the customer before moving on to industrialization. Every single phase is monitored with accuracy, according to working standards shared in each of our three production sites located in Italy, Romania and China. This guarantees uniformity in the processing and high quality of the eyeglass cases and the other accessories dedicated to the Eyewear’s world produced by Fedon.


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