The production of Fedon eyeglass cases began in 1919, in Vallesella di Cadore.
Giorgio Fedon's small artisanal workshop was soon transformed and expanded its reach, becoming a large international group.

Fedon is now a global group with more than 1,500 employees operating in the three company-owned production facilities and in the four sales branches

Headquarters Produzione Filiali commerciali


1. Italy
2. Romania
3. China

1. France
2. USA
3. Hong Kong
4. Spagna
5. Germany
6. Italy

Fedon's production sites

In each of the three production sites, a shared working method is applied and managed by the Italian parent company.

The goal is to guarantee uniform and precise processing in every phase, to always offer a high-quality product.

Genetier is the branch of the Fedon Group that has been working in the French market for nearly twenty years. Located near Paris, Genetier satisfies the needs of optical stores.


The numbers tell the story of our success in the production of cases and accessories: Fedon has produced more than 500 million cases in the last 10 years, and with regard to product development last year it managed 784 projects (with about 3,500 samples made).

Fedon has also developed a widespread distribution network dedicated to leather goods under its own brand with flagship stores and shop-in-shops, situated in airports and large malls.


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