Premium packaging to enhance your brand

Our ability to develop tailor-made products opens up new avenues in the packaging world, offering customised solutions perfectly suited to our customers' needs. We produce spectacle cases, watch cases and premium packaging with care and precision, combining our long-standing expertise with innovative techniques.

Customised packaging

With more than one hundred years of experience in customised packaging, we are now a benchmark and trusted partner for the most renowned brands in the fashion world.
We started out producing spectacle cases, but over the years we have grown and extended our catalogue to embrace the world of customised packaging for jewellery and watches, merchandising for company gifts and display packaging for various product sectors.
We turn ideas into concrete projects thanks to our choice of trusted partners, high-quality raw materials, creativity and customised details.

Customised premium packaging: communicating with objects

Enhance your brand with stylish design and elegance.

Fedon guides each customer into the world of luxury packaging with its offer of customised premium boxes, made to enclose the unique essence of products.
Customised packaging is not only simple containers, but also true works of prestige, created with quality materials and meticulous attention to details.

All aspects of the packaging can be customised: from the shape of the packaging to the materials it is made of, including colours and finishes. We aim to achieve a product that reflects and enhances brand identity.

Customised gifts and merchandising for companies

Be remembered with company gifts and merchandising that impress.

To leave an enduring impression in the minds of your customers, you need to be attentive to all details. Each brand has the opportunity to convey its values of excellence and exclusivity to customers with customised company gifts.
Whether spectacle cases, watch cases, packaging for perfumes and luxury bags, small leather goods, accessories for offices or for visual merchandising, Fedon offers a range of solutions to enhance brand values and make every purchase a unique experience.

Custom display packaging

It enhances the product at the first glance.

Display packaging is an ideal solution for highlighting each product and making it stand out for the consumer to see.With one hundred years of experience and an established network of partners worldwide, Fedon makes displays that enhance each product in a unique and distinctive way.

Tailor-made creations

Limitless excellence and innovation.

Customised solutions by Fedon can be applied to all sectors: from fashion to jewellery, packaging for wine and spirits, and the automotive industry. Our in-house style office enables us to design stylish premium packaging to best meet the needs of our customers.
The utmost customisation guarantees that each piece of packaging is a masterpiece of design, innovation and quality, ready to meet the demands of the most discerning companies in the international luxury sector.

Discover the art of packaging

Innovation and efficiency lead to successful partnerships

Fedon represents the perfect fusion of innovation, quality and efficiency. With the widespread presence of the Fedon Group, strategically located production areas and a well-established partner network, we provide a fast, efficient and sustainable supply service.

All customised packaging is designed to enhance the value of your company, reflecting your commitment to excellence. All our products meet the highest standards of quality, and our processes comply with strict production standards that ensure traceability and safety in the workplace.

From exclusive tailor-made premium packaging to company gifts and display packaging, with Fedon you can rely on products that will make a great impression.


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