Fedon presents the new catalogue for eyewear manufacturers

21 June 2019

Simultaneously with the 100-year anniversary of the company, Fedon publishes the new catalogue that contains a wide range of customizable cases and, at the same time, he highlights the relevance of the brand, making itself the spokesperson of the Made in Italy.

The basis of Fedon's creations is the centennial experience and the steady commitment to research and development, which lead to the creation of over 800 projects a year, directed by a team of specialized designers and modellers.

Eyeglass cases: designing beauty

Designers, and pattern-makers work together to trace the shapes of a product that meets the customer's needs: their expert hands work fabrics and materials with precision to produce the first model of a new eyeglass case.

Fedon offers a selection of different eyeglass cases, which share the same attention to detail and innovation: from the classic to the creative, going through glamour and sustainable. Among the new collections, the “eco” one stands out with cases made of environment-friendly materials coming from the recycling of fishing nets or from the processing of bamboo, corn and apple. These are designed to offer the consumer a product that respects nature.

Therefore eyeglass case becomes an extension of the brand and an instrument for communicating and containing value.


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