Company and consumer towards sustainable change

27 July 2022

Embracing a green philosophy is today an essential opportunity that also pushes Brands to become Ambassadors of environmental protection values with the aim of guiding their customers in the evolution towards an increasingly sustainable market.

A globally sustainable project

With the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development action program, signed in 2015 by 193 UN member countries, sustainable Goals have been drawn up to be achieved on a global scale by 2030.

To achieve this we need a real transition towards an economic system that radically changes the habits of both companies and consumers.

Sustainable production and consumption are united in the same Goal of the 2030 Agenda; to have positive implications, the strategy must be shared and carried out by both parties.

How do consumers think today and how do we answer as a company?

Today's consumers, thanks to the pandemic times, are changing their purchasing method and vision, getting closer to sustainability and attention to the environment. Some studies show that consumers today are willing to spend more to have a sustainable product whose impact on the environment is less than a traditional product.

The task of companies is to be able to convey to the customer, in the most transparent way possible, the right value of an eco product or project.

We at Fedon, in order to meet every need in continuous growth and development, have strengthened the scouting of materials, collecting over 100 sustainable materials for our eyeglass cases. Testing on materials has also been intensified, since they are new and innovative resources, they require specific controls and in-depth quality tests, in order to provide the customer with a quality product that always lives up to expectations.

To reduce the response times on the feasibility of the project, we internalized the analysis by creating Eco-Lab, an internal laboratory where every day our technicians perform mechanical tightness tests on materials and chemical tests that verify their compliance with the European REACH regulation. This helps us to reduce costs and times, always guaranteeing the best quality and safety of each product in the shortest possible time.

The progress of sustainable projects

Analyzing the trend of the last 3 years, we can say that projects related to sustainability have undergone exponential growth. In the first half of 2022 alone, more than 20% of our projects have sustainable values.

CASE2Green is born from the study of new sustainable solutions: a Made in Fedon label that is assigned to eyeglass cases that meet certain requirements regarding the materials used, certifications and eco-design values.

In these projects, the Fedon Sustainability team gives top priority to the choice of materials used to make the eyeglass holder, but also to the shapes that are designed to reduce the environmental impact as in the case of foldable eyeglasses which, by folding, significantly reduce their volume both during transport and storage.


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