Multiple glasses case for more than one pair of glasses

07 June 2023

People who wear glasses are well aware that during a trip they will have to reserve space in their bags or suitcases for at least one pair of glasses in addition to the ones they are wearing. But what happens if they have different visual needs, such as sportsmen, or they love to change their look even to the eyes?
Glass cases will also multiply!
Glasses are precious objects, that need protection, especially during travel, that’s why we have thought of multiple eyewear holder solutions for all tastes!

One case, triple protection

We created ELMER, the case for multiple glasses that can contain 3 frames, sun or optical. The glasses case is customizable with the customer's logo.

A timeless and practical item, useful when traveling or at home to organize glasses in a simple and tidy way.

Elmer is made of brown imitation leather, with zip closure and is available for immediate delivery even for small quantities: an ideal travel glasses case to give as a gift to loyal customers or to offer them for sale.

The advantages of a eyeglass case for multiple pairs

  • It is practical and space-saving during travel
  • It is a useful organizer suitable for carrying many items, such as watches or jewellery
  • It is a long-lasting object, because it performs various functions

Our tailored made travel proposals are precious couvettes which, thanks to the attention to detail, design and materials, positively support the consumer experience.

Tailored or ready for delivery multiple glasses case

At Fedon we are always attentive to the needs of the consumer, but also of the optician and the manufacturer, which is why we have thought of different solutions to meet the different needs.


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