Cleaning cloths for eyewear: all the secrets of our microfibre cloths!

27 October 2023

Did you know that cleaning cloths for eyewear can be made of recycled material?
A microfibre cloth for cleaning eyewear is an essential item for opticians, therefore we have chosen a wide range of solutions, which can all be fully customised. Do you want to find out more about them? Continue reading the article.

More responsible advertising

A customized microfiber cloth is an excellent way to advertise without using disposable products such as flyers or business cards. Today, to further support this ethical choice we are offering you the chance to also choose a fabric recycled from PET plastic or polyester.

Details that make the difference

At a first glance, microfiber cloths all seem the same, but a more experienced eye cannot miss details!

Lens cleaning cloths differ in grammage and composition, as well as shape, size and cut.

Here are a few of our traditional items
  • MAXI-BRIGHT: microfiber cloth with grammage 165g/m2 available in 3 sizes, 140x125, 150x100, 180x150
  • MAXI VELVET: microfiber cloth with grammage 175g/m2 available in 3 sizes, raw cut or zig-zag edges, 185x150, 200x200, 400x220
  • MACRO-J : microfibercloth with grammage 250g/m2 available in 3 sizes, raw cut or zig-zag edge, 140x125, 150x100, 180x150
  • MACRO-J: microfiber cloth with grammage 250g/m2 available in 1 size, 200x200 with hemmed edge

And for those who want a more sustainable product we suggest:

  • MKA-50: microfiber cloth made of 70% recycled PET, available in all sizes with grammage 250 g/m2
  • LUX-RP: microfiber cloth made of 100% recycled polyester, available in all sizes with grammage 180 g/m2

Shapes and customization for a personal touch

Appearance matters too and when choosing a microfiber cloth, the size of the fabric is also important. In addition to standard rectangular and square formats, we offer two extra shapes:

  • ROUND MICROFIBER: a microfiber cloth in a reduced size, 150x150 mm. This is precisely why it is very popular in combination with pocket or reading glasses. Its original shape makes it a delightful gift for customers.
  • MAXI MICROFIBER: a microfiber cloth in a large size, 390x300 mm, ideal for keeping on the counter and using when giving the final touch to eyewear.

In addition, for the maxi-size cloths, every autumn we propose a graphic calendar, which can be useful as an end-of-year gift for your customers.

And what about printing?

There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to printing. We can customize cleaning cloths with any image, photo, design or logo.

If you want to know more about customising microfibre cloths and other products, read this news: The custom brand image for your shop promotion

Do you still have any doubts about microfibre cloths for cleaning eyewear?


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