The custom brand image for your shop promotion

10 March 2023

A strong brand identity creates a reference point in the customer's mind!
All the promotional accessories in your shop talk about you, find out how to make the most of them in the following paragraphs.

The benefits of having customized products

Here there are some benefits that you can obtain by personalizing your products and accessories:

  • Customers will recognize you for your colors and style choices;
  • You will stand out from competitors with exclusive products;
  • Customers will consider your store a reliable place that takes care of its image and is attentive to customer needs;
  • You will always be with your customers, because they will use the customized products with your logo;
  • You will give a strong personality to your shop;
  • You will attract new customers and retain those already acquired.

Full customized products

At Fedon we offer a full customization service.

Our experts study your needs and the potential of your brand, thus creating a perfect proposal for you.

We communicate your values through the personalization of:

  • eyeglass cases
  • microfiber cloths, that could be used also as business cards or as gift for your customers
  • lens cleaning spray
  • shopper bags, the most important accessories for sales, because they follow your customers from the store to their home.

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