Noemi D'Atri Designer

28 May 2021

How is a project born? Primarily from an idea! The Fedon research and development department and the Fedon style office work side by side to create avant-garde creations in line with the customer's requests.
Noemi D'Atri Designer at Fedon talks about her role in the style office.

I get inspiration by Arts to design our eyeglasses cases

I work in Fedon for just over a year and I’m a designer; in this period of time I learned many techniques and processes related to eyeglasses cases.

I love illustration, fashion, photography and architecture very much and these four things are a constant source of inspiration for me. Even at home when I leave work and I see a photo of Luigi Ghirri or the latest news from the Nendo studio. I find myself thinking "how beautiful this color palette is, or this could be an interesting idea to propose" .

"Learning new things is definitely what I love most about my job. Each project is different from the previous one and this is a stimulus to think outside the box, to let creativity run wild."


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