Marco Londero,
Planner Key Account

02 December 2021

A company without planning has no future!
Today we discover with Marco Londero, Planner Key Account, what’s hiding behind efficient processes and punctual lead times.

What do you do in Fedon?

I have been working in Fedon since November of last year and I deal with production planning, specifically I act as an intermediary in the planning of orders for one of our major customers.

I also manage daily orders to our production plant in China, with which there is a continuous exchange of information to ensure the respect of delivery times.

What do you love about your job?

What I consider an added value compared to my previous work experiences is the fact of being able to compare myself with realities outside our organization, both in terms of client companies, and for the international nature of working relationships with colleagues in China.

The figure of the production planner has always fascinated me for its centrality within business processes, as we can say that it acts as an interface between the beating heart of every manufacturing company, that is the actual production, internal customers and and the purchasing office in particular.

I like to depict the figure of the planner as my first manager painted it for me at the time: "whoever plans the production embodies the characteristics of an orchestra conductor, whose task is to be able to combine a team of people to reach the 'better harmony ”.

Everything must embrace, even in our case, with teamwork in order to be able to provide to customers a high and impeccable level of service

What challenges do you often face?

Unforeseen events are always around the corner and we know that life always reserves surprises for us, even in this role there is no shortage of unforeseen events. However, what we try to guarantee is to have an aligned value chain between the various organizational processes, in order to be flexible and proactively respond to any critical issues due to production delays, lack of material delivery, machine failures etc.

In this specific historical moment various problems arise, above all concerning the supply of material along the entire production chain, impacted by various factors, mostly unpredictable. For these reasons, being able to find a bond between the commercial area and the production area is never easy, each one has its own goal and internal limits.

In these cases, the importance of having a cohesive and collaborative team, which shares the same goals and tries everything to complete the project in the best possible way, emerges.


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