Watex: a sustainable cellulosic material

12 May 2022

Fedon presents another material that pays attention to the environment: Watex, derived from cellulose pulp. Cellulose is totally natural recycled and recyclable material and is even taken as a benchmark to measure composting and biodegradability.

Where does this material come from?

Watex is made with cellulose pulp derived from forests of controlled origin.

It is a natural material, not only sustainable but also perfect for making eyeglass cases. It is printable and has excellent resistance to seams, which also makes it applicable as a support material.

Colibrì, the patented Fedon eyeglass case in Watex material

Colibrì is an eyeglass case characterized by clean and geometric lines. It takes its name from the bird, which is small, elegant and light. It takes up very little space when folded, and it unfurls its "wings" when it stores the glasses, thus doubling its capacity.

The patented Fedon eyeglass case is covered with Watex, while the inner lining is in Eco-Elastane, another material that winks at sustainability because it is made from fishing nets that are abandoned in the sea.


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