Net: a technical material from recycled plastic

13 June 2022

Innovation requires a continuous scouting activity among the avantgarde materials on the market, and Fedon's R&D department and is always looking for new sustainable materials suitable for making eyeglass cases. Net is a technical fabric, with a mesh texture, entirely made with recycled PET plastic.

Less waste, more recycling!

Today plastic is one of the major polluntant of the environment around us, we see the worst consequences of years of reckless consumption primarily in the health of the seas and oceans.

Change is no longer a mirage!

During last years, many companies focused on the environment and they are now working hard to develop increasingly cutting-edge solutions to face the problem.

The fashion industry is also making the difference, in fact, today many fabrics on the market are sustainable and come from recycled materials.

Fedon presents an original material chosen for its versatility and simplicity: Net is a fabric made from the recycling of PET plastic and it has a mesh texture that gives it a technical look.

This material, available in 3 colors, is suitable for the external coating of hard and soft eyeglass cases, it is customizable and it is ideal to meet the style of a modern eyewear collection that wants to tell a story of environmental commitment.

NET and CIELO, Ambassadors of sustainability

When Net, a technical material born from the recycling of PET plastic, meets Cielo, a model of eyeglass case that can be flattened significantly reducing its size, the eyeglass case is no longer an accessory, but becomes a real Ambassador of sustainability values.

Moreover, the internal structure, made in cardboard, and the protective lyning, covered with a microfiber cloth derived from recycled polyester entrich the sustainable features of this eyewear case.

Cielo is therefore a design case which, in its simplicity, hides various qualities and sustainable characteristics, first of all, the advantage of being able to reduce its size when not in use. A significant advantage for storage and transport of the product.

The choice to combining an innovative material as Net and a versatile model like Cielo, gives life to a sustainable eyewear case that embraces Fedon 3R philosophy: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


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