Eco PU: when green materials meet innovation

10 May 2022

The new Eco PU materials by Fedon are not only beautiful, but they also hide a green soul inside thanks to the backing, a support made entirely of sustainable materials.

Ecological fabrics for every need: discover Eco-PU

Who said that the sustainability of a product must always be visible? Many products can also contain ecological solutions at the inside!

This is the case of the new Fedon Eco PU materials: a wide range of ecological textiles that support the external material that covers the eyeglass case.

Eco PU materials include alternatives in tnt (bamboo or viscose), elastane derived from recycled plastics or recycled polyester. Depending on the type of the eyeglass case, our technicians are always available to recommend the best solution based on individual needs.

Fedon cases with a green soul

Soft fabric and modern design

The Fedon soft eyeglass case with a paint effect is the perfect example of how sustainability can be combined with materials and shapes of beauty and elegance.

Spacious and minimal, this case is made with a PU material with a sustainable soul: recycled polyester derived from the post-consumer phase, in other words using only materials previously used by end consumers.

The inner lining of the case is also made of soft post-consumer recycled polyester fabric: a more sustainable choice without giving up a modern and captivating design.

The hard eyeglass case that respects the environment

White, resistant and with a soft touch effect: this eyeglass case has nothing to envy to high quality accessories. Its main feature is the backing of the external PU material, made of recycled polyester as well as the inner lining of the case where the spectacles are stored.

The Fedon new proposals respects the environment without giving up aesthetics. Eyeglass cases made with innovative materials that wink at a greener world!


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