Eco Pina: a vegan friendly alternative to leather

15 June 2023

The search for out-of-the-ordinary materials is one of the main objectives of our research and development centre.

The material, together with the shape, is a very important part of the product!

That's why we spend a lot of time at this stage of the design.

If the inside material of the case has the primary objective of protecting the lenses without scratching them, the outside material has a protective function, but also an aesthetic one.

At Fedon we have selected and tested a large archive of sustainable materials suitable for covering the eyewear case and for each project the customer can choose what best matches his style.

ECO PINA: from pineapple to glasses case

Eco Pina is a PETA certified sustainable leather, made from pineapple leaf fibers, and is considered an eco-friendly and vegan-friendly alternative to traditional leathers.

A flexible material, with an uneven and slightly rippled finish that adapts very well to the creation of soft cases. It is ideal for those who want to give a strong communicative boost to their eyewear collection.

The commitment of the Brands goes towards a sustainable production.

Eco Pina was born from the waste of the agricultural and food industry, therefore new resources such as land, water or polluting agents such as pesticides are not used for its realization and at the same time the disposal of waste foliage is avoided.

Our internal chemical laboratory is always at the forefront in the analysis of new materials such as Eco Pina, in order to verify their compatibility with the products, composition and compliance with market standards.

Create your collection of glasses cases in sustainable materials.


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