The value of hand-made drawing: we give space to ideas!

19 October 2022

The study of a project in Fedon is thought in every detail to respond promptly and correctly to every customer need.
Our designers are highly trained to propose the best solution in terms of materials and shapes for an Eyewear case that must last over time and be aesthetically beautiful and innovative.

Let the project begin

After receiving the client's brief, the study begins: an analysis and research about the Brand and its values.

This step leads to the drafting of a hand-drawn sketch.

Thanks to the introduction of the computer and the digitization of drawings, over the years we have witnessed a radical change in the presentation of a project, but in Fedon we continue to strongly believe in the great value of "handmade" and for this reason each project begins from the paper.

Each designer has a unique style and creativity that lead to propose different solutions with own characteristics and details that make the product inimitable.

The prototype takes shape from paper

Rendering is nothing more than the next step of a project started on paper, which is remodeled in a 2D or 3D virtual place.

Thanks to 3D images we can view the Eyewear case at 360 °, modifying or adding elements to obtain a finished product.

Once the result meets all needs and expectations, designers and prototypers work side by side to create the first sample: a unique prototype, which can finally be touched by hand.

Seeing your own creation taking shape is a bit like turning ideas into reality!

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