The customizable and multifunction pochette

15 June 2022

Summer is coming and when we start thinking about the seaside and the holidays we have always one question: where do I put my glasses, keys and smartphone?

The multifunction pochette

The accessory for this summer is the practical pochette in saffiano-print imitation leather, ideal to have everything you need close at hand.

Fedon offers the iconic pouch in 2 colors, blue and fuchsia, but the feature that makes this case unique is the chance to customize it with a logo.

An original proposal to be presented in the Optical store during the summer season, a versatile and comfortable accessory, ideal for creating sparkling shop windows or to enrich the offer at the counter.

Fedon pochette are not only useful as eyeglass cases, thanks to their capacity they can easily contain all the accessories that your customers cannot do without, from keys to lipstick, from purses to mobile phones.

What advantage for the Optician?

The pochettes can be customized with the shop logo and therefore, every time they are used, they become an indirect advertising tool.

Whenever a customer shows off her pouch, the name of the Optician where she bought it will be evident, and it will create a positive word of mouth in the surrounding area.

The entire range of Fedon products aims to support Opticians in creating a strong and consistent image of their store, which is why the accessories are customizable.

From the eyewear case to the microfibre cloth, from the lens cleaning spray to the pochette, we want that all the accessories of the store narrate the uniqueness of the store and of its owner.

Precisely for this reason, at Fedon, the Graphic Department is always ready to welcome, interpret and implement customization ideas suggested by customers, thus offering a brand consultancy to the Optician.


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