Accessories for cleaning glasses: the round microfiber has arrived

14 October 2022

Cleaning glasses is fundamental for their hygiene, care and longevity.
The microfiber cloth must be of quality, soft, resistant and suitable for all those situations where it is necessary to clean a lens well and gently without fear of scratching or damaging it.

The cloth for cleaning lenses and glasses acquires a new and elegant format

Round microfiber cloth has arrived.

The classic shapes of the microfiber cloth for cleaning glasses, square and rectangular, are now joined by a new format. A novelty that gives modernity and elegance to the product and enhances the shop. An innovative and functional shape, ideal for minimizing the spaces inside the eyeglass case, ensuring a correct grip and thus facilitating its use.

The round microfiber cloths are excellent gift ideas for customers and, thanks to the customization, they are perfect as advertising tools to promote the store, because they are everyday accessories designed to last over time.

A good Customer Experience passes from attention to detail

In a varied and competitive market, the Customer Experience in the optical store must be increasingly personal and meaningful.

Attention to detail and attention to the customer should be two focal points of your business strategy.

A customized product, such as microfiber cloth, has multiple aims:

  • It demonstrates the attention to detail of the store owner, who is not satisfied with a standard product, but invests time in the research of a unique and tailor-made product;
  • It gives attention to customers because it gives useful contacts for after-sales customer care such as telephone number, email, address, social pages;
  • It is a simple object, but it can be original and unique, and thus enriches the shopping experience.

Our round microfibers are fully customizable and thanks to the four-color printing there is no limit to the imagination. In addition to the Optician logo, any image, photo or drawing can be applied to the product.

Our experts are at your disposal for any style advice.


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