Reading glasses: a practical and quick solution

12 January 2022

Comfortable, fashionable and never common: reading glasses can be a valid alternative to quickly solve your customers' vision problems, without giving up on your own style.

Focus your day

Due to the years go by or to excessive time spent in front of a screen, the first visual discomfort may emerge. In these cases, the pre-assembled reading glasses can be a great help to solve this type of problems.

After a quick consultation with the optician to identify the most suitable shade, opting for pre-assembled glasses can be the quick and easy solution to focus your day!

Furthermore, being a cheaper alternative to custom eyeglasses, it is possible to buy several pairs of pre-assembled to always have one at hand: whether it is at home, in the office, in the bag or in the car.

Style and quality first

Fedon reading glasses are available in many models and colors. From large and round frames, to smaller and rectangular ones: whatever is the face shape and style of your client, we offer a wide range of solutions.

Buying a more creative pre-assembled eyewear can therefore be the ideal solution to quickly solve slight vision problems and renew your look.

Obviously, offering an affordable and fashionable solution to your customers is essential, but it is equally important that the proposed frames are resistant and of high quality.

That's why Fedon pre-assembled reading glasses are the right solution.

Flexible materials, metal hinges and easily replaceable screws are the basis of Fedon reading glasses: to always offer quality frames with a actual and original style.


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