New print colors for Fedon shoppers

02 February 2022

The ideal way to complete all your customers' purchases. Fedon shoppers can also be an excellent branding instrument. Our shoppers, in fact, are perfect to accompany every sales, increasing the notoriety of your shop.

Are you looking for a way to differentiate yourself and be remembered by your customers?

Fedon shoppers are an efficient instrument to personalize every sale.

Versatile and creative: we have recently extended the color range of our shoppers to adapt them to all your needs!

Now it is possible to customize Fedon shoppers by adding your shop logo on each side and choosing the color that best suits your optical store, in order to create a practical branding instrument to distinguish yourself and loyalize your customers.

Each shopper is made with quality materials and we deliver each order quickly and safely, to ensure an excellent service.

Choose the model and start creating

We have seven main shopper models available: Classic, Fruité, Bicolor, Spring, Lux, Chic and Fashion.

Each of them has unique features and is customizable from the color to the printed logo. This make it recognizable at first look!

Whatever your needs or tastes are, you will have the possibility to choose from a wide range of shoppers. We have several models available made with recycled paper and cardboard, with tubular handles, in fabric or in cord.

All that you must do is selecting the alternative right for you!


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