Mouse, the little cases perfect for the summer season

29 July 2022

Summer is a moment of great excitement and even holidays are put on the agenda and organized in detail. Being organized is essential to be able to survive the daily routine.

Organization is essential especially on holidays

During the summer holidays by the sea, our beach bag can be very messy and looking for the tiny things inside becomes impossible.

A great way to order bags is to divide objects into containers according to their use: the small objects, when mixed with sunscreen, hats, towels, beach toys and wallets, can be lost or broken.

Let’s find a solution that is useful and functional, and, at the same time, keeps safe the objects that need special attention and care!

Mouse, the pocket-sized cases

We have reinterpreted the eyeglass case, creating a smaller container, but with the same potential. Mouse is the multi-use little case.

It is the perfect accessory that can be used as a gift, lipstick holder, coin purse, earphone holder or key case; all objects that we often lose, break or don’t find easily in our bags.

The Mouse collection is versatile and functional, these little cases are small, rigid and resistant, with colorful and captivating prints, perfect to be displayed on the counter for a last minute purchase.

Let's give color to your shop with a practical, playful and stylish accessory!

The Mouse little case can be an excellent gift idea for adults and children who will appreciate it especially in this season where organization is essential.


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