The microfiber cloth with QR-code becomes an innovative business card

21 March 2023

The QR-code is an image that contains any digital information and is read through the smartphone camera. Just scan the graphics and the associated content will open, a website, a social page, a promotional pdf, and much more.

Why using a QR-code?

Today the QR is increasingly popular as a digital means of communication, and is very efficient when used correctly.

How complicated is it to remember the address of a website or a social page? Through the QR-code a simple scan is enough and even the most complex link becomes reachable in one click!

3 tips on how to use the QR-code in advertising:

  • Insert your website's QR-code in your offline advertising, you will be able to give customers more information about your services
  • Promote your social networks on your business cards by using a dedicated QR-code, you will increase your followers and retain the acquired customers
  • Add a QR-code in your shop windows, so potential customers can scan the content and find out more about your products and services.

Advertising becomes sustainable thanks to microfiber cloths with QR-code

Do you want to promote your website or your social pages in an original and creative way?

Do it with customized microfiber cloths with QR-code!

Add a QR-code to the graphics of your microfiber cloths, and you will transform them into dynamic, innovative and sustainable business cards.

Replace paper cards and flyers with quality microfiber cloths custom-made for your optical store.

It could be a perfect gift for your customers and a useful tool to make their experience complete!


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