Kids Collection, a practical and fun solution to protect the kids glasses

20 September 2022

The beginning of school for children is always a great and exciting moment and, for this reason, it is essential to keep everything under control and to prepare all what is needed for the school. For parents, the days that predate the beginning of the school are a race to purchase.

Protect the glasses of the little clients

The school backpack is often a messy pile of various types of objects: in addition to school books, in the backpack we find snacks, water bottles, games to show to classmates during the break. This is why it is important that fragile and delicate objects such as glasses are protected from accidental bumps or scratches, thus avoiding to break them. When the bell rings, children are often in a hurry to get home and don't pay attention to how they put things in the backpack.

At Fedon we have thought of a practical solution for capturing the attention of the child: a kids collection of functional eyeglass cases to protect the lenses, which are fun and a source of interest to be treated with care.

A collection of eyeglass cases for children

Kids Collection is a collection of eyeglass cases dedicated to children. Cases made with essential lines and bright colors, characterized by cheerful patterns that awaken the imagination of the little ones.

The Collection consists of two different types of eyeglass cases:

- Rigid cases in bright colors covered in fabric with graphics inspired by characters that will accompany the children between the school desks: the cute bunny, the space rocket, the dog and the kitten.

- Thermoformed cases, shaped like a hippo, kitten or bunny, with practical zip closure

It is time to indulge the frantic and impulsive purchase that precedes the return to school.

Brighten your optical shop with the liveliness of these cute eyeglass cases, taking advantage of this period in which parents want to have everything under control and ready for their children’s first day of school.


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