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08 January 2019

N. 1 Cleaning

Eyes are a very important and very fragile organ of our body. We rely on the sense of sight when we walk, drive, when we read or write and when we work and it helps us to enter into relationships with others. Not for nothing it is also said ... "love at first sight".

One of the main attention that eyeglass wearers must have is keeping lenses clean and free of scratches or damage.

This is essential to avoid visual defects.

Dirty or damaged lenses create disturbances in everyday life: this is generally a very undervalued fact.

In the evening, after a whole day, that heaviness or headache can be caused precisely by not having taken care of the cleaning of the lenses!

FEDON for 100 years deals with the protection and cleaning of glasses.

I would like to give a message directly to those who wear glasses: in Fedon we have created a simple user manual of our products, designed for this purpose.

We have reproduced the manual on the microfiber cleaning cloth to make it easier to read and to always take with you; you will find it for sale together with the cleaning and maintenance liquid.

Request the manual and the liquid for glass cleaning and maintenance >>

Download the infographic >>

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