Fedon inaugurates ECO-LAB,
the new internal analysis and testing laboratory

21 December 2021

Fedon has strengthened its quality area by creating Eco-Lab,
the internal laboratory dedicated to the analysis and testing of products and materials used for the production of eyeglass cases and eyewear accessories.

The need to internalize the analysis process

Fedon, within in its innovation and sustainability project, carry out a continuous activity of scouting for new materials that meet customer needs and respect the environment.

An integral part of this activity is the check of the technical and chemical properties of the materials, a complex and delicate activity necessary to guarantee the quality and safety of our products.

Until now, Fedon has relied on external laboratories to carry out these analyzes, thus facing long timing, huge resources and especially limited control of the analysis processes.

"To reduce response times, keep the quality of our suppliers' materials and the quality offered to our customers more under control, we have decided to internalize the analysis" - says Michele Polacci, Fedon Sustainability Manager.

A laboratory, called Eco-Lab, has therefore been created.

Using skills acquired so far and specific equipment, we can test by ourselves if our products and or materials comply with REACH which regulates the use of chemical components on manufacturing in Europe.

Analysis of materials and mechanical tests

In the Lab, materials go through a specific analysis protocol: each material is reduced into small homogeneous parts through the Mill (specific machinery for shredding materials), then it is weighed and, through an ultrasonic bath, the chemical compounds present in the sample are brought into solution and extracted.

The resulting solution is analyzed and the output is compared with the standards of the regulation.

Once the analysis has been completed, the compliance of the materials is communicated to the customer or supplier.

Inside the Lab, we carry out not only the analysis of the materials, but also the mechanical tests on the finished product: special machines open and close the eyeglass case over 3000 times to test the durability of the hinges or undergo them high temperatures to check the resistance of the material and the structure.

A continuously developing project

Eco-Lab was born from the desire to guarantee the customer increasingly higher and verified quality standards, especially when it comes to new materials. This is the case of the materials with sustainable values collected by Fedon, the result of a constant scouting activity that has led the company to find over 100 "green" materials.

"We have worked in recent months with the aim of strengthening our commitment to sustainability and in doing so we cannot omit quality and transparency." - says the President Callisto Fedon - "The new Fedon internal laboratory is the result of the awareness that what differentiates us are precisely the know-how and the control of some fundamental and delicate processes that allow us to guarantee high standards of safety and quality to our customers."


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