Massimiliano Coden, System Administrator

07 January 2022

Today for Fedon People Massimiliano Coden System Administrator tells us a little about himself and his role within the IT department.

IT management and maintenance

In Fedon I take care of the management and maintenance of information systems within the company. In detail, I deal with the management of the network infrastructure, security side control with antivirus systems and backup guarantee in case of data loss, client configuration / maintenance (smartphone, desktop PC, laptop, iPad) / server / printers, software management companies, fiscal printers, labeling machines and palmtops.

If any colleague has a computer problem, we are the first line to intervene.

We solve every kind of problem, from the simplest to the most complex ones, but in an era in which information technology and the PC are indispensable, we are increasingly aware of how fundamental our role is.

Furthermore, it is a truly transversal role, because it allows us to get to know all colleagues and the specifics of their daily activities.

A role full of challenges

I've always been passionate about information technology, but what I love most about my job is learning and acquiring new skills in this area.

Every day I discover new solutions and I can use my skills, growing professionally and seeing the concrete results of my actions.

In my role there are certainly many challenges, but the important thing is to never give up and not get tired of looking for the most appropriate solution to solve a problem, even questioning the previous certainties.

In computer science sometimes you have to be creative to find the best solution!


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