Manuel Tittoto, Business Developer

04 July 2022

The Business Developer is a key figure within the company. Its role consists in identifying new markets, evaluating the most appropriate business where to promote the products applying also its knowledge of the market. Today Manuel Tittoto, Business Developer in the OEM area, tells us about his role in Fedon and the dynamics of relationships with customers.

What is your role in the company?

At Fedon, I identify new business opportunities with the aim of enriching the customers portfolio through the consolidation of the relationships with the customers and the product range, proposing new solutions, satellite products and guiding customers towards a sustainable transition.

What are the key qualities to become a good Business Developer?

It is essential to know the dynamics of the reference market, as it is important to be open to change.

Different markets influence themselves by aligning with the opportunities and challenges of the global and local market.

The business developer identifies new business opportunities and evaluates pros and cons preparing the path for new and lasting business relationships. To do this you need curiosity, commitment, perseverance and method, as well as the willingness to travel and get involved in confronting new markets and cultures.

What challenges and satisfactions do you find most in your job?

The approach to the customers is a delicate and empathetic process. I need to know the person in front of me and make it feel at ease.

The first 30 seconds are essentials to create a connection and to throw the basis to build a relationship of trust, esteem and mutual collaboration.

The major challenges in my job are to be always looking for new strategies to help customers find the best business opportunity and never give up in front of difficulties, personally I have learned to always take them as a push to improve.

Also the satisfactions are many: from a single “thank you” to the relationship of trust that you build with people, from seeing a project started as a simple idea to the acquisition of loyalty of new customers, and many others.


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