Paola Zampieri, Key Account Opticians

07 February 2022

The role of the sales is very important to create bonds of trust and complicity with clients that last in time, always trying to satisfy and anticipate their every need during the negotiation, but also by providing after-sales assistance.
Paola Zampieri, Key Account Opticians, reveals the satisfactions and challenges that a sales has to face in the role of "front line".

What is your experience in Fedon and what do you do?

I have been working in Fedon since 2012, and I had the great opportunity to work in the OEM area and follow major Eyewear Brands as Key Account Manager.

In 2019 I was entrusted with a new challenge: playing the same role but in another business division, the Optical Retail.

In these years I had the opportunity to increase my skills by developing a global vision of the Fedon commercial area, knowing the product at 360°, in such a way to be able to satisfy all customer needs.

What are the greatest satisfactions with clients?

There are many work-related satisfactions when you deal face-to-face with clients. The best satisfaction is the trust relationship that you established with each of them. When a customer trust in you and refers you to other people, it means that you have managed to go beyond the simple working relationship, touching the human side. This can make the difference in our work.

For this reason, what I love more about my work is the relationship of trust and, why not, also of friendship that I set up with clients.

What challenges has a sales to face in the course of a negotiation?

The greatest difficulty for a commercial is to approach a customer who collaborated with a competitor. Here comes the real challenge of our work, which I would like to summarize in 3 factors:

  • Knowing how to convey the added value of our products and services
  • Guarantee a speed of response and the respect for deadlines
  • Establish a relationship with a foundation of trust.

How and how quickly does the optical market change?

The market in the optical sector is constantly evolving, due to the change of people's lifestyle, technologies and materials. For this reasons, the purchasing methods of end users also change accordingly, just as the optician’s approach to the market.

My role is to understand these changes and to prove our clients, with products and services, that our company is always in step with trends to ensure continuity and reliability for customers.


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