Paola Genovese, Head of Human Resources

06 April 2022

At Fedon we know the value of people and that is why the HR department is always close to the staff and cares about their needs.
Working in a positive and stimulating place helps business growth.
Today, Paola Genovese, Head of Human Resources, will tell us some details about the Fedon world and life in the company.

What do you do at Fedon and what do you like about your role?

I deal with the management and development of Human Resources. I define HR policies in compliance with the general management guidelines, and activate the related procedures. I handle staff selection and recruiting, training, organizational development. I oversee HR compensation and administration and keep relationships with the other industries of our business sector.

What I love about my role is the possibility to have contacts and establish professional and human relationships with people inside and outside the company.

In relation to the work conditions that have been characterizing the world in the recent years, in particular in this current historical period, there is an absolute need to know how to intercept business requirements by investing in innovation and welfare to ensure the development of the company.

What benefits have been activated for the employees?

Based on the theory that the employee's well-being is the basis of company development, the mission of our role has always been the attention to the person.

In recent years we have implemented flexible benefits in the corporate welfare plan, such as time flexibility, smart working and "solidarity holidays".

We have arranged an eco-social area, called "Mind Garden", where people can share ideas while drinking a coffee or simply relax yourself. The idea was conceived by the "New Generation Team", a group of young Fedon employees who aim at proposing "fresh" ideas for the company.

These are just the latest benefits implemented, but the company historically boasts a high attention to employees.


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