Elisa De Dea graphic designer

13 October 2021

Before seeing the light between fabrics and needle, all Fedon projects are born in a virtual way, thanks to the hands of a graphic designer who gives life to an idea making it real, here is revealed some of the work of Elisa De Dea graphic designer who takes care of the graphic realization of our projects.

Graphic and product designer: glasses case design and ideas for Fedon line

In the company I deal with graphic and product design, creating product renderings for external brands and developing innovative ideas for Fedon line.

Turning ideas into reality, that's how I like to define my work!

Every day I see a product taking shape from my design, this fills me with pride and satisfaction, and it is perhaps the aspect I love most about my job.

Experiment with creativity

When a product is born there are many different processes that must be harmonized and interact with each other, so every day I find myself facing new challenges where I have the opportunity to learn many things that result from the field of graphics by continuously experimenting with shapes, materials and creative techniques, this for me is the best recipe against the monotony of work.


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