Alessio Zandanel, graphic office

01 March 2022

In a sector where product customization is becoming increasingly popular, the graphic department is very important for the success of each project.
Alessio Zandanel tells us the aspects of his work in the Graphic Office.

What do you do at Fedon?

I deal with everything related to the printing. In a market where distinguishing yourself and enhancing your brand is essential, product customization becomes the most effective tool.

Here my role comes into play: I create the graphics of every projects, adapting logos and images to each eyeglass case, microfiber cloth, shopper, by following the needs of the customers, both opticians and eyewear manufacturers fully respecting the values of their image.

What are the greatest satisfactions and challenges in your job?

What I love more about my job is the versatility: each client is unique, his needs are unique and the greatest satisfaction is being able to satisfy them thanks to my ideas.

In fact, through digital you can unleash your imagination and see any design becoming a real product.

You can choose between the various printing methods according to your needs: four-color printing, silk screen printing, embossing and pad printing are our solutions.

The biggest challenge is being able to satisfy an increasingly demanding market where the “perceived” of a print can also determine the value of a brand.


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