Alessandra Musumeci, Head of Sales - Opticians

05 May 2022

What are the winning characteristics of a sales? Alessandra Musumeci, Head of Sales for the Opticians area tells us about her experience and reveals us the secrets of a successful commercial negotiation.

What is your experience at Fedon?

As Sales Director of the Retail division, my task is to coordinate the Business Unit, the sales network and to present innovative proposals suitable for every opticians' need. I make sure that our clients are always satisfied with the products and services, showing our reliability and being close to them for every need.

I had started my experience in Fedon 4 years ago, getting involved in this new sector for me, bringing my previous experience in the commercial field to the service of the company.

What are the challenges that a sales faces every day?

There are a lot of challenges for a sales: those related to an increasingly uncertain market and those related to competitors. Today we have to deal with price increases and product supply difficulties. For these reasons it becomes more and more important that the planning of purchases is well calculated and punctual.

The work of the Retail team is essential to ensure that our clients always find the best and most complete offer at their disposal, to become their main and only point of reference suitable for responding to their needs.

I believe that it is fundamental that our clients feel that we are their partners, because it is important to establish a relationship of trust with them. We must therefore start by listening to the needs and all must be accompanied by flexibility, punctuality and thoughtfulness, and why not, a good character.

What are the most popular products on the market?

Our cases are our flagship: clients recognize the quality of our product and its manufacturing, the research of materials, the attention to details and the fast service with which we personalize their orders.

Now our CASE2green collection is particularly requested. It is the Fedon's sustainable proposal dedicated to the Opticians' world, that increasingly responds to the urgent need to make the world a better place.

What do you love about your job?

I have always been passionate about finding the right solution for each client and I love creating relationship with them.

This gives me the right energy to give the best in my work. The enthusiasm and great team cohesion that we have established in our Retail Team stimulates me every day to face challenges and find new ways to reach our clients.


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