Eco Ambra: a sustainable solution for the lining of eyewear cases

13 December 2022

Glasses and cases are inseparable, that's why at Fedon we pay close attention to the quality of the materials we use for our proposals, the primary function of the eyewear case is the protection of what it contains, and this happens both thanks to its shape and the materials chosen. The function of the eyewear case is, in fact, essential to offer the customer a complete and satisfying user experience.

Are all materials the same?

Of course not, each material has different characteristics that make it suitable for a specific shape, component, or part of the eyewear case. Fedon's commitment to sustainability leads to always finding innovative solutions for eyeglass cases. Materials research, in fact, does not stop at the material for the external finishes of the cases, but it also looks at the internal materials which, like the external ones, can be sustainable.

What is the difference between an external and an internal material?

The main difference between the two materials chosen to produce an eyewear case lies in their physical characteristics. The external material must be resistant, because the eyeglass case is often in contact with objects that could permanently damage it when stored in bags or backpacks.

The internal lining, on the other hand, must protect the lenses from scratches, and for this reason it must be composed of a soft and silky material specifically designed for this function.

Eco Ambra, the eco-friendly material perfect to dress the inside of the eyewear case

Our archive of sustainable materials contains a wide range of tested materials, among which we make our selection in order to offer the best solutions to our customers.

Eco Ambra is an eco-friendly material derived 50% from recycled polyester and 50% from conventional polyester and it is obtained by flocking: a process with which the fibers are placed to obtain a velvet effect. Soft and pleasant to the touch, Eco Amber is a perfect material for the lining of the case because, thanks to its composition, it is a quality material which, as our tests proved, protects the lenses without the risk of scratching them.


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