Sports eyewear and its case, an inseparable couple

12 July 2022

The world of eyewear is increasingly varied and eclectic, in fact the market, especially in the post-pandemic period, is giving back attention to sports eyewear segment. Outdoor activities had been put on stand-by due to restrictions, but with their reduction, the desire for sports and outdoor activities is stronger than ever.

The value of the sports eyewear case

The choice of sports eyewear is a highly engaging moment for the consumer: it is not a fashion choice linked to the current trend, it is rather an objective assessment of the advantages that the eyewear can bring to their outdoor activity.

From the sun protection of lenses to the ventilation of the mask, from the lightness of the frame to the resistance of the materials used, from the comfort to the versatility of use, all the sports eyewear features are analyzed and evaluated for their quality and functionality.

Sports eyewear, now very common on the market, are undoubtedly a lasting investment because they are chosen on the basis of technical rather than stylistic features; being a product that must last over the time, they require great care and protection even when stored.

That is why the sports eyewear case becomes of great value for the consumer.

What features should an active sport-proof case have

When at Fedon we develop a project, we always start from the real needs of those who will then have to make daily use of it. The product design is mainly based on observation and analysis of the final consumer. The studies on eyewear cases ifor the active world started from the analysis of the sports target. Here we have summarized the basic requirements on which we worked to design the new proposals:

  • Resistance: glasses must be protected when stored in the backpack, and especially for outdoor sports, resistance and protection are pluses to be taken into consideration.
  • Lightness: the less weight you carry when doing sport the better. The weight of the equipment is very important for the target audience.
  • Quality of materials: bumps, scratches, pressures, cases are often inserted into backpacks or sports bags and must ensure maximum protection for the glasses they keep.
  • Versatility: when you are outdoors it is essential to carry the essential, so when the eyeglass case is empty, it can keep money, keys or other small things.

Ariel, the sporty and responsible eyeglass case

Keeping these features in mind, we created a case that embraces the aforementioned features and has additional values because it is made with recycled materials.

A large case, with sinuous shapes, made with recycled materials and suitable for holding different types of sports glasses is our interpretation of the active world needs.

This model is distinguished by:

  • External structure in ECO-PU with the backing in recycled polyester
  • Recycled EVA shell
  • Internal lining in a material derived from recycled plastic
  • Zip with recycled components
  • Sinuous shape
  • Large capacity
  • Resistance and versatility of use

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