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06 August 2020

For an optical shop, communication is important, especially from a visual point of view!
A neat display, a welcoming counter, quality products and a clear and immediate coordinated image, in fact, are all elements that help make your shop reference point for your customers.

Does the style of your shop reach the customer in a clear way?

How many times, have you had to improvise as a graphic designer to develop new ideas to better present your optical store?

The Fedon team is at your disposal with its own expertise coming from 100 years of history, during which it has cooperated with the major brands in the sector, specializing in the customization of accessories for eyewear.

Our graphic design department, can create unique and captivating accessories for your optics, in order to best express the essence of your shop!

Relying on a single supplier to take care of communication and the image of your store will save you time and resources!

We can create your logo, starting from your instructions, or adapt the existing one to reproduce it on all the accessories that make up the coordinated image of your shop. You will be involved in every step of the creative process, until the confirmation of the final prototype.

Fedon solutions for your Optical store

Among the solutions that we can offer you there is the complete coordinated image, which includes:

  • case for your customers with customized printing
  • microfiber cloth for cleaning glasses, in different formats
  • microfiber cloth in large format for preparing glasses in the shop
  • customized TNT shopping bag, with logo or graphics on each side
  • lens cleaning spray in a pocket bottle personalized with your logo

In this way we will create a complete style that will make your shop recognizable and easily memorized by your customers.

If you prefer a minimal approach, we can offer you an essential and elegant solution, such as:
  • customized eyewear case with a punch logo
  • neutral microfiber cloth with the shop coordinates
  • solid color shopping bags

Each store is unique: our goal is to enhance it by transferring this uniqueness into accessories.

Just as the cases protect the glasses, we will take care of your image: all the accessories we offer are a powerful means of communication, which we design and manufacture, meticulously taking care of every detail.



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