Fedon embraces COVID -19 risk containment regulations and goes beyond

18 March 2020

"Actions are taken in full confidence that only by reacting suddenly and with solidarity, our country will be able to get out of this period of uncertainty", underlines the President Callisto Fedon

Special health coverage for Fedon employees

To deal with the health emergency and strengthen the protection of its employees, Fedon has stipulated a special health coverage which provides:

  • The allowance of € 100 per day, starting from the eighth day of hospitalization caused by infection with COVID19
  • The convalescence allowance of € 3,000, paid upon discharge from the care institution following hospitalization in intensive care caused by infection with COVID19
  • A post-hospitalization care package to better manage health recovery and family management

Employees' health first

  • The frequency of cleaning and sanitizing of rooms has tripled with particular attention to common areas
  • Dispensers of sanitizing liquids have been positioned in all working areas to allow correct and frequent hand sanitization
  • Working areas, including the production departments, have been revised in order to maintain the distance of at least one meter between people where necessary
  • Smart working has been launched for office employees
  • Surgical masks and latex gloves have been distributed to employees whose work, by its nature, makes it difficult to maintain the safety distance
  • The procedures for entering the company were strengthened by measuring the body temperature

A necessary stop for everyone's safety

To safeguard the health of its employees, Fedon stops work activities the 17 and 18 March in its seat of Alpago due to the company's sanitization measures provided for by the work security protocol.

A difficult but indispensable measure to allow work process in complete safety.


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