Fedon at Onda Rosa side for the prevention of breast cancer

23 October 2022

October is the month dedicated to the prevention of breast cancer and in Fedon we wanted to demonstrate our affinity to the initiative.

A sustainable strategy to support women

A training day was organized on Monday 17 October in collaboration with Onda Rosa, a non-profit association in the Belluno area created to support patients who receive a diagnosis of cancer.

This venture is the result of the sustainable strategy embraced by the company in recent years and is aimed at supporting women in their personal and professional fulfillment, because female empowerment also involves awareness of one's body and health.

We sincerely thank Caterina Fontanelle, Oncologist and President of the association, who illustrated us the importance of prevention, self-control and the adoption of a correct lifestyle, with the aim of raising awareness on the prevention of breast cancer from an early age.


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