Eco-friendly packaging for your optical shop

08 June 2022

Today, the consumer is increasingly aware of its impact on the surrounding environment and is careful to make ethical choices that favor a rational use of available resources.

Your customers already think about sustainability

Did you know that according to a report by Nielsen, a leading company in market surveys, today 52% of consumers say that are willing to spend more if the brand adops sustainability policies.

A company that chooses to act according to the sustainability principles meets one of the main claims of United Nations 2030 Agenda: "meet the needs of the present generation without compromising those of the future generation".

Are you ready for the change?

Discover 5 best practices that you can take to make your store more sustainable:

  • Prepare the bins for waste sorting, it's a good way to show your customers that also outside the home we can convert wastes into resources;
  • Reduce the use of plastic and disposable products, plastic is a highly polluting material and often it ends up into our seas damaging the ecosystem;
  • Choose an eco-friendly packaging, it is your business card and it will leave a positive message in the mind of your customers;
  • Choose suppliers that have environmental policies and that respect their resources;
  • Use digital back office stations to reduce the use of paper, ink and printed materials, or when printing is essential, choose recycled paper or of controlled origin.

What can Fedon do for your store?

In Fedon we are always looking for new solutions and ideas to share with opticians, that is why we renewed some of our iconic products to create a customizable and sustainable eyewear packaging.

The ECO-SUSTAINABLE KIT dedicated to optical shops consists of:

  • Paper shopper bag;
  • Microfiber cloth for lens cleaning, made in recycled polyester;
  • Eyeglass case covered in ECO FELTRO, a material derived from recycled PET plastic;
  • Eyeglass case covered in ECO CANVAS, a material derived from recycled cotton.

Every single product of the ECO-KIT, like all Fedon products, can be customized with the logo of the shop, to make it unique and recognizable in the eyes of the customer.

Fedon sustainable products come from the desire of reducing the production of waste and of giving materials a second and noble life.

Choosing a sustainable packaging is the winning choice for those opticians who want to stand out by offering a product that speaks of their commitment to sustainable change and respect for the environment.


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