Eco-Felt: from the plastic bottle to the eyeglass case.
Starting from a problem we create a solution!

18 August 2021

Most of the world is swimming in plastic waste – about 8 million tonnes every year end up to the see
and this seriously damages the health both of animals and people
Did you know that only 1 bottle out of 8 is actually recycled?

This is a significant problem

The main problem is that most of plastic is born as disposable: plastic bags, food wrappers and bottles are used for a short time but remain in the environment as waste for hundreds of years.

Do you know that…

  • more than 90% of plastic produced has not been recycled
  • plastic materials pollute and alter the marine ecosystem
  • when plastic ends in the ocean is almost impossible to recover it because it degrades into microplastics

A new life for plastic bottles

Fedon chose to give its contribution to the protection of the environment with new eyeglass cases in Eco-Felt, part of the Eco-friendly CASE2green collection. These cases, 100% coated with recycled PET plastic, are soft to the touch and boast a revolutionary style.

REUSE – REDUCE – RECYCLE are the values that inspired Fedon to deal this pollution problem. Even a little thing can make the difference: attract the interest of your customers regarding this issue by bringing our Eco-friendly materials to your optical store!



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