Giovanni Vascellari, Product & Design Manager

06 September 2022

In Fedon the development of a product requires a large investment of ideas and resources. For this reason, the Product & Design Manager is essential to find solutions that meet the needs of different clients, transforming the launch of a product into a real business success.
Today Giovanni Vascellari, Product & Design Manager, tells us something about his role in Fedon.

What is your role in the company and what do you love about your job?

I take care of the product development, specifically of all the phases between the receipt of the brief from the client and the delivery of the final sample. My role is full of incentives: I have to deal with new challenges every day and always relate to many people, looking for innovative solutions in line with the client’s needs without neglecting the feasibility of each project.

What are the main challenges and goals you set yourself?

The main challenge is to be able to combine the client’s request with the feasibility of the product.

Behind every single project there is a huge amount of work that starts from the selection of materials and the choice of the right production technologies, up to customization. The main objective is to satisfy the client with a quality product and a competitive price.

In Fedon we strongly believe in sustainability and respect for the environment. This is why we try to offer to client always new eco-design and innovative solutions, studying the eyeglass case not only in materials, but also in shapes, thus reducing the environmental and logistical impact.

What gives you satisfaction in your job?

Transforming a "classic" eyeglass case into its sustainable variant is one of the most challenging and satisfying activities. It requires a lot of curiosity, passion and the continue research of alternative solutions, thinking outside the box, to create a product in line with client and environment needs.

For the same purpose we are also re-adapting many existing cases in an ecological key, covering existing shapes with green materials. This involves an adaptation of existing production technologies to new needs.


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