The company was founded in 1919 in the eyewear District of Vallesella, Belluno. The business was dedicated to the production of eyeglass cases and initially focused on the Italian market and only after the 1930’s started to export its product.

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At the time, there were approximately 30 workers,  most of them women.
In 1926, the Company received its first award: the Grand Prize for innovation, with a gold medal, at the International Exhibition in Rome.

These are years in which the Company will be able to enter the German, French and U.S. markets, which had the monopoly of the eyeglass cases supply in Italy.  To this day, the Company is still run by the Fedon family, in which four generations have been able to transform it from a small craftsman family business into a well established company following constant modern technology.

The 1980’s begins the entry of big fashion labels that allow company’s to license their brand to produce and market eyewear. Here, the company begins to supply eyeglass cases to opticians as well as eyewear producers. For this purpose, the Manufacturer’s Division, or OEM is born.
In 1998, the shares of the Giorgio Fedon & Figli Spa are placed on the Paris Euronext stock exchange.

In the following years, four new plants are built in Italy. At the same time, a Company in Romania in acquired, specializing in the production of bags. Fedon America is founded in New York, for the direct distribution in the United Statesand Canada. The existing commercial subsidiaries are acquired:  the Company Kapunkt in Germany and Genetier in France , both leaders in their market, which reinforce the presence in direct selling through the optical stores in particularly important markets. Thus was born the Group Giorgio Fedon.

Brand evolution
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In 2003, the Group Giorgio Fedon enters the leather field with the brand "Giorgio Fedon 1919".
In 2004, a new factory in China is opened: Fei Dong, a company 100% owned, which is now the largest component of the system.
Today the Group Fedon is a world leader in its industry, producing and marketing eyeglass cases and optical accessories for both Italy and abroad. Also rapidly growing, the brand Giorgio Fedon 1919, dedicated to the leather field.


From Eyeglass cases to travel bags.
Since 1919, with Italian passion, we design and manufacture timeless accessories, in respect of people and environment.


To be identified as the industrial group,
worldwide leader in the production and distribution of:
glass cases
packaging for luxury products
leather accessories.



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Vallesella di Cadore 1919
Vallesella di Cadore 1919
Vallesella di Cadore 1919
Vallesella di Cadore 1919

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Alpago - Italy
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Vallesella (BL) — Italy
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