The Mind Gym

The company has been organising cultural events as part of "MIND GYM", a multimedia room at Fedon headquarters in Alpago, set up with the purpose of becoming a leading cultural venue in the area.

Every year, Fedon welcomes associations, organizations, authorities and the business community to its events space. Anyone who has something to tell and wants to enrich the cultural heritage of the community is welcome at the Mind Gym.

The room is equipped with:

  • 50 seats
  • Video projector
  • 3 full HD screens
  • Audio system
  • Smart TV
  • iPad
  • Video projection wall
  • 10-seat table for strategic meetings
  • Internet connection and WI-FI
  • Heated and air-conditioned environment

"Those who build excellent companies know that markets, technology, and competition are not the real drivers of growth for a successful business. The most influential factor is the ability to recruit and retain the right people."

Jim Collins

Do you have a story to tell?

We have already hosted events in the Mind Gym room starring keynote speakers from the Olivetti Foundation, Bocconi University, FAI Italian Environment Fund, and the CUOA Business School.


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