Designers are increasingly looking to replace conventional materials with green alternatives in order to produce more ethical and high-quality glasses cases. This also applies to the eyewear market which is gradually moving towards more virtuous and sustainable production.

Fedon is proud and committed to its work on the research and development of eyewear cases of innovative design which combine usability and functionality with the added value of greener, more sustainable manufacturing.

Pliko, the eyeglass case born from leather scraps

The innovative eyeglass case is made with Salpa material, or regenerated leather, obtained through a shredding process, with subsequent recomposition of the leather waste.

This material is particularly pleasant to the touch and can be personalized with digital printing.

Pliko is a symbol of sustainability: it is made with a single band of material and with a single seam, two characteristics that significantly reduce the environmental costs for its production.

Pliko is a CASE2green branded eyeglass case, the Fedon label assigned to eyeglass cases that meet specific sustainability requirements.

Eco-Pu, the perfect combination of class and sustainability

The eyeglass case with a modern and captivating design that hide a sustainable soul, called "backing".

Eco-Pu is the perfect example of how sustainability and elegance of materials and shapes can coexist.

These eco-friendly materials can be in tnt (bamboo or viscose), elastane derived from the recycling of plastic or recycled polyester: based on the design of the eyeglass case, Fedon technicians are ready to propose the best alternative to satisfy every customer need.

Gemma, the eyeglass case in corn and recycled polyester

An eyeglass case with precious shapes made of Impacto material, an imitation leather partially obtained from corn and recycled polyester.

This material is 100% breathable, is very durable and is an eco-friendly alternative to leather.

Gemma reduces its size by up to 60% during transport, thus reducing CO² emissions.


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