Turbot: a recycled polyester for sports cases

26 July 2023

The match between material and shape gives life to collections of eyeglass cases that are increasingly identifying and distinctive of a style.
For the sports target we have selected Turbot, a recycled polyester with a honeycomb structure, which gives the cases a unique look and the glasses protection and comfort.

Recycled polyester: Innovation and sustainability for eyeglass cases

The sustainable packaging sector is expanding thanks to companies investing in sustainable research and innovation, seeking alternative solutions to traditional materials.

Our mission is to combine sustainability, research and innovation by creating high-quality glasses cases that are environmentally friendly, and continue to guarantee high performance.

Turbot, a 3D material perfect for sports collections

Turbot recycled polyester eyewear cases are a mix of durability and sustainability, they wink at the sporting target and are designed to withstand the most extreme conditions.

The honeycomb structure of the material creates an internal "air chamber" which guarantees natural thermal insulation. Furthermore, the three-dimensionality of this fabric ensures breathability and quick drying.

Hygienic, washable and resistant, it is perfect for creating eyeglass holders for the world of sport, where practicality and protection of the lenses from bumps and scratches are of high importance.


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