Shopping express: opens the new Fedon store at the Mantova Outlet Village

22 septembre 2017

Mantova Outlet Village presents a new concept space where the InfoPoint of the Village and the restyled Fedon store combines to create a new exclusive business lounge in order to welcome customers and guests.

The new welcome area, inspired by the theme of travel and airports, offers to all visitors the chance to enter in a different mood, welcomed by a friendly staff with a look that resembles that of airport employees.

Fedon presents here its new retail concept, a store which is the ideal place for bags, luggages and accessories designed for business and travelling people, a target increasingly present also among the customers of the Mantova Outlet Village.

High attention to details, sophisticated design and a wide offer, are the key points that allow a unique shopping experience, outcome of the strong expertise that comes from Fedon long lasting presence within the major airport malls.


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