Fedon at Mido with the Luxury and Eyewear collection

25 février 2017

Fedon takes part to Mido 2017 with a completely revised booth image, a new Luxury cases collection and a Eyewear collection with a strong artisan connotation coming from an almost century-old tradition.

Fedon Luxury Collection is made by unique pieces that represent tastefully the expertise Fedon in designing forms and processing precious materials for a up-market now ready to recognize and value the real Made in Italy.

The same exclusivity is present in the new Eyewear Collection Fedon, where natural materials like leather are combined with high-tech materials. The final result is Style, pleasure to touch and functionality.

Fedon will be also in the exhibition held in hall MORE! The Hype Glasses - Advertising & Eyewear: from medical device to icon, a narrative through advertising on the history of spectacles and lenses going from the early years of the '900 to nowadays.


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