100 years young: 1919 -2019

13 November 2019

Fedon, a 100 year company that has always been run by the same family, looks to the future with enthusiasm.
Established in the Dolomites in 1919, Fedon celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, an important achievement made possible thanks to the great commitment and excellent skills of all those who do and have been part of the company.

An Italian story

Always known as a company of great experience and technological know-how, Fedon is now an international player in the production of eyeglass cases and eyewear accessories.

Fedon has adapted to changing market conditions, anticipating new trends over the years and presenting innovative products and services on the market. It was able to overcome the difficulties, always carrying out the demanding task of respecting and preserving the past by combining it with the present.

100 years of youth

To celebrate the centenary, Fedon published a book “100 years young 1919 -2019” which tells the story, the events, but above all the passion and sacrifices that made this company the undisputed leader of the sector, characterized by expertise and fame.

The volume crosses the most significant steps of the Group since its origin, in the naturalistic context of the Dolomites.

The company memory is connected to the historical memory of the territory and to the wider memory of Italy, with a sequence of events that winds along the time line. Starting from the annexation of Cadore to Italy, which sees the birth of the first eyewear factories, the history of this territory is deeply connected to the characters who laid the foundations of what would become the "Cadorian eyewear district". Curiosity and spirit of innovation, great internal cohesion and strong openness to the outside: over the centuries the people of the upper Piave valley have found a point of balance.

Culture and territory

“In 2019 we celebrate the first 100 years of the Giorgio Fedon & Figli, an important anniversary that we are happy to witness. I like to say 100 years of Youth because it is the time that has passed that makes us feel younger. In Fedon many have gone or are retiring, but many in turn are the young people who take the baton. We will continue on this path without neglecting style and technology, combined with functionality. Our ability is to succeed in obtaining a perfect mix that meets the needs of the market.” Callisto Fedon

A culture and a value of know-how that have given strength and identity to this territory and to the company itself.

The book follows a thematic itinerary through a century of events that have marked the life of the family business, starting from the innovative intuitions of the founder Giorgio to today's management, in the hands of the fourth generation, with Callisto Fedon as President of the Group.

Towards the next 100 years

Over the years, Fedon, the first company to manufacture eyeglass cases in Cadore, interpreted the needs and demands of the market with passion and ability, always placing itself as an authoritative and reliable partner.

The volume traces with images and anecdotes a great passion: the one for the eyewear cases, symbolically container of hopes, dreams and this great success story.

A journey made through the time line that projects Fedon into a long-term future space, with the same goals of 100 years ago: affirming the capacity and tenacity of the well-made and Made in Italy in the world.


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