Elisabetta Gava, new in the role of Key Account, talks about her first sustainable project.

07 July 2021

Today with Fedon People we will learn more about the business dedicated to eyewear manufacturers.
Elisabetta Gava, in the new role of Key Account, tells us about the main steps that led to the realization of her first sustainable project.

From customer service to the sales department

I have been working in Fedon for almost 7 years, I started my career in the role of OEM Customer Service, first following smaller customers and then I had the opportunity to follow some of our main customers.

Over a year ago changed my role and became Key Account.

I consider the path I have undertaken within the company very formative, because I was lucky enough to know various aspects, opportunities and criticalities of my current job, being able to see it from different angles. I also had the chance to collaborate with various colleagues that otherwise I would not have known so thoroughly.

The strength of my journey is certainly the 360 ° view of the activities of my division.

How we produce upcycle eyeglass cases

One of the first projects I worked on in the new role was the creation of a case for a start-up very attentive to sustainability that, like us, is constantly researching and working to find solutions that can make its impact on the environment less invasive.

Starting with a sustainable project was challenging, but very beautiful and interesting, above all because I worked close to our Sustainability Manager, a figure recently established in the company, who has the task of guiding the actions and choices of our business towards a transition always more focused on sustainability.

Returning to the project, the research of the case, both in terms of shape and materials, had to reflect as much as possible the philosophy of the Brand. The customer choose between different sampled cases made with sustainable materials, until he found what he needed, a soft cardboard model with interlocking closure.

In addition to the small size, typical of soft cases, which already have a lower impact in transport, the use of materials in this case model has also been carefully calculated. Only two materials were used for its realization, cardboard and recycled microfiber from PET plastic bottles (inserted for the protection of the lenses). The closure is interlocking; therefore no magnets or buttons have been added.

The resulting case meets the CASE2Green requirements, a label made in Fedon that certifies the sustainable value of the eyeglass case in terms of materials used, transport phases and work processes.

Tornando al progetto, la ricerca dell’astuccio, sia in termini di forma che di materiali, doveva rispecchiare il più possibile la filosofia del Brand. Il cliente ha potuto quindi visionare e scegliere tra diversi astucci campionati realizzati con materiali sostenibili, finché ha trovato quello che faceva per lui, un modello morbido in cartoncino con chiusura ad incastro.

Oltre alle dimensioni ridotte, proprie degli astucci morbidi, che già comportano un minor impatto nei trasporti, anche l’utilizzo dei materiali in questo modello di astuccio è stato attentamente calcolato. Sono stati impiegati per la sua realizzazione solo due materiali, cartoncino e microfibra riciclata proveniente dalle bottiglie di plastica PET (inserita per la protezione delle lenti). La chiusura è ad incastro, pertanto non sono state aggiunte né calamite né bottoni.

L’astuccio che ne è derivato risponde ai requisiti CASE2Green, un label made in Fedon che certifica la valenza sostenibile del portaocchiali in termini di materiali utilizzati, fasi di trasporto e processi lavorativi impiegati.


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