Duna: the material that gives new life to old jeans

02 February 2023

Jeans are the most famous item of clothing regardless of age, gender or social class: a classic outfit that is versatile and always fashionable.
Unfortunately, its processing produces a large amount of pollution, and for this reason, to contribute to the protection of the environment, it is essential to recycle these garments.

How polluting is the production of jeans?

The processing of denim, the material from which jeans are made, uses about 35% of the world cotton production. It also involves the use of pesticides and fertilizers and an immeasurable use of water.

In support of our constant commitment to environmental protection, we increased our sustainable archive with a material that derives from recycled denim fibers, by carrying out an analysis and scouting activity.

Duna, a vegan-friendly material

Duna is a resistant, flexible and long-lasting material, just like the garment from which it originates. In addition to giving new life to jeans, this material is perfect for the creation of our eyewear cases.

It is made up of 70% recycled denim fibers which, with the addition of vegetable additives, make it a vegan-friendly material.

Duna is a perfect sustainable alternative to traditional leather.

The pros of this material are many: in addition to the rough finishing that evokes sustainability, it is also 100% recyclable and plastic-free.


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